Bachelor of Arts – Leadership

Concentration: Management

The Bachelor of Arts in Leadership degree program prepares students to:

  • Manage and lead 21st century organizations – corporate, non-profit and governmental
  • Develop the skills to build highly effective cross-functional teams
  • Negotiate, manage, and nurture professional relationships
  • Craft strategy to build competitive organizations
  • Effectively manage complex projects
  • Evaluate efficient business systems
  • Foster the role of innovation and creativity in organizations

The Leadership concentration provides additional coursework in organizational dynamics, conflict management, teamwork, and psychology, preparing graduates for leadership in a variety of settings.

General Education Requirements (54 Credits)

Course Code Course Name Credits
PSS100 Academic Strategies 3
COM146 Communication 3
CIS101 Computer Literacy 3
ENG101A Reading and Composition 3
ART220 Introduction to Film 3
MTH115 College Algebra 3
PSY221 Psychology 3
ENG101B Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing 3
BIO151 Introduction to Biology 3
ENG204 Interdisciplinary Reading, Writing, and Research 3
SOC230 Sociology 3
POL241 American Government 3
PSC152 Physical Science 3
PHL263 Social Ethics 3
PHL271 Philosophy 3
HIS101 American History 3
PHY155 Physics 3
SSC304 World Religions 3


Leadership Core Requirements

Course Code Course Name Credits
LDR364 Organizational Behavior 3
PSY421 Social Psychology 3
BUS209 Financial Accounting 3
LDR471 Conflict Management 3
LDR472 Mentoring and Team Leadership 3
PSY389 Cross Cultural Psychology 3
LDR481 Principles and Practices of Leadership 3
MGT301 Leadership in Organizations and Business Management 3
MGT304 Organizational and Business Communication 3
MGT313 Business Law and Ethics 3
MGT408 Marketing Management 3
MGT410 Human Resources Management 3
PSY476 Counseling 3
LDR499 Capstone Experience 3


Concentration Requirements

Course Code Course Name Credits
LDR360 International Business 3
MGT305 Research Methods 3
MGT409 Managerial Finance 3
MGT411 Strategic Planning 3
MGT303 Management Theories and Practice 3
MGT401 Information Systems for Business Processes and Management 3
BUS220 Microeconomics 3
MGT407 Managerial Economics 3