Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Arts – Leadership

Concentration: Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

The Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Concentration in leadership is concerned with the study of leadership principles and practices, teamwork, motivation, conflict management, and professional criminal procedure. It is designed to prepare law enforcement professionals in local, state, and federal agencies for leadership responsibilities and, consequently, advancement to upper-level and supervisory positions.

General Education Requirements – 54 credits
Code Course Title Credits
PSS100 Academic Strategies 3
COM146 Communication 3
CIS101 Computer Literacy 3
ENG101A Reading and Composition 3
ART220 Introduction to Film 3
MTH115 College Algebra 3
PSY221 Psychology 3
ENG101B Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing 3
BIO151 Introduction to Biology 3
ENG204 Interdisciplinary Reading, Writing, and Research 3
SOC230 Sociology 3
POL241 American Government 3
PSC152 Physical Science 3
PHL263 Social Ethics 3
PHL271 Philosophy 3
HIS101 American History 3
PHY155 Physics 3
SSC304 World Religions 3
Leadership Core Requirements – 42 credits
Code Course Title Credits
LDR364 Organizational Behavior 3
PSY421 Social Psychology 3
BUS209 Financial Accounting 3
LDR471 Conflict Management 3
LDR472 Mentoring and Team Leadership 3
PSY389 Cross Cultural Psychology 3
LDR481 Principles and Practices of Leadership 3
MGT301 Leadership in Organizations and Business Management 3
MGT304 Organizational and Business Communication 3
MGT313 Business Law and Ethics 3
MGT408 Marketing Management 3
MGT410 Human Resource Management 3
PSY476 Counseling 3
LDR499 Capstone Experience 3
Concentration Requirements – 24 credits
Code Course Title Credits
CRJ101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CRJ150 Corrections 3
CRJ250 Juveniles in the Justice System 3
CRJ260 Criminology 3
CRJ350 Ethical Behavior in the Criminal Justice System 3
CRJ370 Criminal Investigation 3
CRJ360 Criminal Law and Procedure 3
CRJ450 Drugs — Use and Abuse 3