Early Childhood Education

Bachelor of Arts – Psychology

Concentration: Early Childhood Education

The Psychology major explores multiple perspectives of human thought processes and behavior,  biological, behavioral, cognitive, socio-cultural and developmental.  Upon completion of the concentration in Early Childhood, students will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of early childhood development in creating, implementing and assessing age-appropriate learning experiences
  • Integrate developmental theories in teaching and classroom management approaches that address the needs of diverse learners in preschool and child development settings.

General Education Requirements – 55 credits
Code Course Title Credits
PSS100 Academic Strategies 3
COM146 Communication 3
CIS101 Computer Literacy 3
ENG101A Reading and Composition 3
HIS101 American History 3
MTH115 College Algebra 3
PSY221 Psychology 3
ENG101B Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing 3
BIO151 Introduction to Biology 3
ART220 Introduction to Film 3
ENG204 Interdisciplinary Reading, Writing, and Research 3
SOC230 Sociology 3
POL241 American Government 3
PSC152 Physical Science 3
PHL263 Social Ethics 3
PHL271 Philosophy 3
PHY154 Physics I with Lab 4
SSC304 World Religions 3
Psychology Core Requirements – 42 credits
Code Course Title Credits
PSY421 Social Psychology 3
PSY312 Lifespan Development 3
PSY322 Personality Theories 3
PSY302 Learning Theory 3
PSY375 Biological Basis of Behavior 3
PSY411 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY321 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences 3
PSY301 Psychological Testing and Assessment 3
PSY389 Cross-Cultural Psychology 3
PSY476 Counseling 3
PSY311 Experimental Psychology 3
PSY403 Human Sexuality 3
PSY422 Psychology of the Family 3
PSY355 Child Growth and Development 3
Concentration Requirements – 24 credits
Code Course Title Credits
EDU325 Infant and Toddler Growth and Development 3
EDU335 Introduction to Children with Special Needs 3
EDU345 Observation and Assessment 3
EDU355 Curriculum and Intervention Strategies for Young Children 3
EDU365 Teaching Young Children in a Diverse Society 3
EDU425 Administration I: Program Management 3
EDU435 Administration II: Leadership and Supervision 3
EDU445 Advancing the Profession 3