Criminal Justice

Associate of Arts – General Studies

Concentration: Criminal Justice

Patten University offers an Associate of Arts in General Studies online degree program to provide students with a solid liberal arts foundation for future educational and career opportunities. The program’s liberal arts focus encourages the expansion of perspectives to create awareness of the key forces of societal change: social, cultural, historical, economic, political, and technological. Students entering the program will take a broad range of General Education courses ultimately leading to the A.A. in General Studies, as well as a concentration of criminal justice courses to prepare them for a wide variety of entry-level career opportunities in the criminal justice field.

Summary of Associate of Arts Degree Requirements
General Education Requirement 45
Concentration Courses 15
Total Semester Units 60
General Education Requirements
Course         Title Units
CIS 101        Computer Literacy 3
COM 146     Communication 3
ENG 101A    Reading and Composition 3
ENG 101B    Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing 3
HIS 101        American History 3
MTH 115      College Algebra 3
PHL 263       Social Ethics 3
PHL 271       Philosophy 3
PHY 155       Physics 3
POL 241       American Government 3
PSC 152       Physical Science 3
PSS 100       Academic Strategies 3
PSY 221       Psychology 3
SSC 304       World Religions 3
SOC 230      Sociology 3
Total Units 45
Criminal Justice Concentration Requirements
Course       Title Units
CRJ 101     Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CRJ 150     Corrections 3
CRJ 260     Criminology 3
CRJ 265     Juveniles in the Justice System 3
CRJ 350     Ethical Behavior in the Criminal Justice System 3